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  • Since its establishment, the Group has received several awards and certifications in relation to the sales of automobile glass with installation and repair services in the PRC. The table below shows the awards and certifications obtained by the Group regarding the Group’s services:

    Year of award/certification Description of award/certification Awarding organizationor authority
    2013 Third Place of 8th Annual NordGlass Auto Glass Technician Olympics in Tampa, Fla. USA. The NordGlass Auto Glass Techinician Olympics
    2012 信義品牌汽車玻璃一級經銷商(北京區域) (Year
    2012 1st class authorized dealer)
    信義集團 (玻璃) 有限公司(Xinyi
    Group (Glass) Company Limited*)
    2011 信義品牌汽車玻璃一級經銷商(北京區域) (Year
    2011 1st class authorized dealer)
    信義集團 (玻璃) 有限公司(Xinyi
    Group (Glass) Company Limited*)
    2011 汽車玻璃安裝服務認證證書 (Automobile glass
    replacement service certificate)
    (China Building Material Test and
    Certification Centre*)
    2010 中國第一屆汽車玻璃維修工技能大賽(China’s 1st
    automobile glass repair skills competition, 2nd
    place and 3rd place)
    中國建築玻璃與工業玻璃協會 (China Architectural andIndustrial Glass
    2010 2010 年度優秀經銷商,信義華北地區(Year 2010
    outstanding dealer of the year for the Xinyi northern China region)
    Xinyi Glass (Tianjin)
    2007 2007 年特約經銷商(Year 2007 authorized dealer) Xinyi Glass (Tianjin)
    2005 汽車玻璃專業委員會(零配),副主任單位
    (Automobile glass professional committee (spare parts), deputy director)
    中國建築玻璃與工業玻璃協會 (China Architectural and Industrial Glass
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